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Could you please add huomao tv channel? Thanks

yerzhl 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 5

As the title above, could you please add huomao tv to ezchannel?

Thank you

Under review

Hi Yerzhl, thanks for your feedback. How popular is huomao tv in your contry?

I don't know it popular iny country. but I believe most chinese game players (worldwide especially in China) prefer huomao than twitch.

What about http://douyutv.com?

What do you think?


never heard of it lol.

But I think it's not popular as huomao since I got it from dota 2 directly.

Well I look the official chinese broadcaster from dota 2 tournament and found marstv.

Then I found out that they always cast at huomao tv.

Btw it's just an idea. If it's just a few who watch this channel, It's ok if it's not possible to add this channel :)

I also will check douyutv if they stream live or not.

Thank you for your response btw


Hi, Thank you for your feedback and understanding.
Due to tight resources, we have to take step seriously and we will study it when we can.
Please keep giving us ideas to make EZChannel better. Thanks.