Option to manually add and edit links in Playlist

Roman 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 14


It would be great it you can create playlist and manually edit links to media files...

in this way people can create their own TV Chanel playlist Radio Playlist, and it would be cool if it would be possible to indicate links to icons picture.


Under review

Hey, Thanks for your feedback.Currently you can add and edit links in "Inbox" and then move it around.
We understand it's not a good experience and we will plan to improve it to make it more usable.

Thanks again and please keep giving us feedback.

Ok I found it but it doesn't work I tried to add *.m3u8 link but it doesn't play when I stream it, through app it plays good.

I extracted direct stream link from m3u8 but still doesn't work...

The channel is playing in https://channel.iezvu.com/ through browser good but doesn't play on device.

Got it. We will look into the m3u8 issue. Please stay tune and we will keep you updated.

Many thanks. Those links can be very helpful.


Hi Roman, We have updated EZChannel for EZCast app. Please try to add those links again.

Yes, now if I add item from phone it plays ...Good job... Maybe this would be useful: you can't add streams from Windows, if you do this it doesn't play and seeking seems not to work in this them

Thank you.

Do you mean from EZCast for Windows or browser on Windows?

There is ezcast for windows, inside you open ezchannels (I think this is some sort of browser version) and from there if you add streams and try to play them you receive "Cannot Play this Video... Error code: 10005"

Thanks for the info. We will follow up. Thank you

I'll do more test later and report you if I'll find anything.


Tested with PC working good now. It would be also good if you can add possibility to add streams.