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Playing udemy course

Kurnia Adhiwibowo 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 1
Hi, can I suggest to add udemy in cloud video menu. Or maybe can you suggest me what's the best way to play udemy course?

Currently, I can do this with ezcast web, but that's very slow. And the video can't automatically continue, even auto playing is on.

The best way right now is using ezMirror and playing the video using udemy apps on my android. This way, auto playing is running smoothly. But, with this method I can't do anything else with my phone. Hehe.. The advantage is I can watch it in big screen.

When this can be happen, I think another online video cource can be done too.

The problem is, online course like udemy using login system. So there must be login mechanism I think.

Under review
Thanks for your feedback and we will take thi into consideration for future release. Thanks again.