App switching

Ang Newhook 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 9

I consider this a bug. I find this really annoying when I switch to another "page" for any reason then go back to EZchannel it jumps to the next video regardless if what I watching is over or not. I really think this should be fixed in an update.

Under review

Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We need more info from you to investigate this issue.
Which app on which OS you were using? You use the app with EZCast dongle, Chromecast or something else?

I'm using EZCchannel with IOS 9.3.4 with a Chromecast. Both of ur apps EZCast & EZChannel work well for me except this minor annoyance


Hi, we have identified this bug already and fixed it. We will release it soon and will keep you up to date.

Please stay tuned.

Cool I should have asked about it sooner.


Hi, please update EZChannel app from app store and please kindly let us know if the issue still exists. Thanks.

It hasn't come yet but when it does I'll let u know if it helps when it does.

Hi, I received the update today. I tested it by doing some app switching & the video stayed as I switched back & forth.

Thanks for your feedback.