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dongle4k WiFi problem

radoe333 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 3
  • Please check if the WiFi is properly working in new 4k dongle.
  • First - closed network couldn't be set properly
  • Secondly - the WiFi settings in ezcast andr app is working not stable no wpa2 option and closed network option.
Under review

Hello, radoe333,thanks for your feedback.

For hardware issue, please email to support@iezvu.com for further assistance.

Hi radoe333,

I have our technical support contact you via email. Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, radoe333,

From our TS:

"Sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate if you can provide us more details about the issue of “closed network couldn't be set properly” and send to support@iezvu.com for our further checking.

Furthermore, for the second issue, to set your WPA2 close network, kindly follow the step as below:
Click Setting> Select Internet > scroll down until you see ADD Network and select it> WPA security setting will pop out. The setting already included WPA and WPA2. "