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apps casting without audio

sgchartist 12 months ago • updated by jameschen 12 months ago 8

clipboard-image-markeryoutube,dailymotion, ted,vimeo etc are casting without audio. Please help to look into it thanks

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Hi sgchartist,
Thanks for your feedback.
Do you play the videos on your mobile device or on TV through EZCast dongle?

Hi, I was using the Apps in Ezchannel not Videos on my phone and the apps like youtube, dailymotion has videos but there is no audio accompanying the videos even though I had turned on the volume in EZcast and Tv.

I did a mirroring of phone to the tv via Ezcast and the video has sound. only Apps in Ezchannel does not have audio

Thanks for your info.
By mirroring, do you use Miracast(EZMirror)?

Does it have sound if you play the video on the phone without casting to TV through EZCast?

Yes I use Miracast(EZmirror). This function works fine as I have sounds from the video on both the phone and TV

Hi sgchartist,

Or you can provide us the steps how you connect the phone to the EZCast dongle?
It would very helpful. Thank you,

Its only the apps under EZchannel under Browse like youtube, daily motion etc that does not have sound on the tv after casting.

Apps like livetv works well.

not sure how i can provide the steps here for u to see. Sorry about it

No problems, thanks for all these info.