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This thing is a piece of junk, it is overly complicated. Roku is ten times better

frty5caliberheadache 11 months ago • updated by jameschen 9 months ago 3

Cannot get this contraption to work!!!!

Under review

Thanks for you're feedback. Regarding to hardware issue, please mail to support@iezvu.com for further assistance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For the price its worth it but does take days to get somewhat savvy in learning all the steps to get to the content you are looking for. I used to have a major brand casting" device for almost triple the price but of course the fluidity was alot easier to get around. Im at around 80% skill level/approx.5hrs of the technical aspect with this device. It still needs polishing but like I said, worth it for the price. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your feedback. We will keep these in mind to make it better.