Live is not live

yerzhl 10 months ago • updated by jameschen 10 months ago 9

I have issue with youtube live (don't know with other channel).

I found it and it have happened since last week that the video played on the dongle have 5 hour delay.

I know this because I compare the same live link between dongle and smartphone also pc.

Smartphone and pc have same picture while dongle play from the 5 hours earlier.

Please fix this issue. I can't watch my local tv channel through this dongle.

Under review

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to dispatch this issue to the team in charge of.

Thanks for the response. I'll wait the great news from you

No problem, we will keep you posted.

Hi, yerzhl,
Would you please give us a sample live channel (name, link or something we can refer to). Thanks

Here it is

is it ok if the language is in bahasa?

Or maybe can compare by picture 😬

Hi yerzhl,
Thank you, I think it's okay. I'll attach this to the issue. Thanks.


Hi yerzhl,
We have identified this issue. Please stay tuned until we release another revision. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem, my pleasure.