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Não estou conseguindo conectar o EZchannel,a memoria enche rápido e trava.

edijos brasil souza 10 months ago • updated by Tibor Varga 10 months ago 3

I just can not watch youtube videos. Since then, it has been the beginning of January, this new channel software. Last year, the region between the notebook and went váétozattal t. Other video can also go to the Internet. Only the youtube does not. And I usually point to watch. I would like to watch. And it was not. Therefore, I have two pieces of EZCast dongle. Phone can not. Unsupported since last year. But it is not going. Only if I download the videos first.

Under review

i Tibor Varga,

Thanks for your feedback. Would you please provide us following info:

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Vista Home, Notebook ASUS x58L series 2 GB RAM, EZCast contact app Google Chrome. EZCast dongle D22C4BE2 SSID. Last year, he went to the youtube video. 05/01/2017. It does not go, since this new version was EZCast. Phone not go. They do not support that I have written already. Nokia Lumia 30, Windows 8.1 operating system. In Google Chrome does not go already. It was another.