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How to registered device.

John w 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 4 months ago 6
How to No registered device.
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Do you mean how to register device?
to register device just connect to your device via EZCast app and enter EZChannel and then EZChannel will guide you to register the device if the device wasn't registered before.

i dont  register my device.

i connect to my device via EZCast app and enter EZChannel , but dont  register!

How to  registered device?

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching us. 

Which platform do you use to register EZCast device, iOS, Android or else?

Which kind of EZCast device you try to register? EZCast dongle, EZCast Pro dongle or other?

It would be helpful if you can take a screenshot of the device you try to register.

1 years ago EZChannel  register my device, now dont/

pl send me old version ezchannel