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Kevin Meza 12 months ago • updated by jameschen 12 months ago 1

it attempts to open but it doesnt work.

jameschen 12 months ago

Hi Kevin,

Please email to support@iezvu.com for further assistance regarding to EZCast function.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Sincerely Yours,

EZChannel Team

yerzhl 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 12 months ago 1

Please add shuffle and repeat playlist feature so it will play until I manually turn it off

Under review
yerzhl 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 1

Hi, i just want to report that some videos are cropped and can't be resize.

Can you fix this bug?

I've tested on 2 bravia tvs and the result are same. It's normal if only it's played from youtube channel. For the rest sources (twitch, karaoke channel, even mirroring feature etc) I can't see full picture.

I also tried to change the resolution and none of them work.

Thank you

Zanack Sayks 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 1
  • A better interface for listen music, with the cover disc, song and artist name
jiripolach 1 year ago 0
Under review
claire webster 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 1
Videos won't stream on ezcast cloud video option. Link seems to work fine but then video tries to load and I get the error message "the link is inactive or incorrect". This happens for youtube, bbc news and your own "how to" videos.
I'm using a samsung s5 mini with android 4.2.2 and a JUSTOP ezcast dongle.
What am I doing wrong?
Ken Crangle 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 4
John w 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 2
How to No registered device.
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Eduardo Motta 1 year ago • updated by Eduardo Pessoa 1 year ago 7

What must to make to unlink my channel of favorit? Tried for several times but every time that I click in unlink it later come back to appear again. Sorry of my english.


Eduardo Motta

OS: Andorid 4.4.2

jameschen 1 year ago

So sorry about this. As current policy, "Inbox" isn't allowed to removed. We should hide the "trash can" button from it and we are also considering to remove this rule too.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Under review
nunya business 1 month ago • updated by jameschen 1 month ago 1

new thing you want too much access which is going to make me want to return and get a refund why do you need access to my Google drive I only use your stick for you tube and why do you need permission to organise upload and delete my files? are you the nsa? or gchq?