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ok thanks james. I hope they still keep the compatibility with the earlier version instead of suggesting customer/user to change their device

I tested only from youtube video. We know as it run normal, when click one of the video it will pop up the player display like remote. But from the issue I have, it will open youtube video page instead of the pop up player display. And usually if use web browser from ezcast app, when it detect video, it will display ezcast play logo (the blue one), but with this issue, there's no ezcast play logo.

Hi james. Yes i understand that, but in previous time it work perfectly and i don't know why and since when it suddenly don't work.

I think firmware upgrade cause this, so i hope the team can give attention to the compatibility.

Thank you

i think it's 1.9.724. can't use ezchannel app because my phone is below requirement

Here it is

is it ok if the language is in bahasa?

Or maybe can compare by picture 😬

Thanks for the response. I'll wait the great news from you


never heard of it lol.

But I think it's not popular as huomao since I got it from dota 2 directly.

Well I look the official chinese broadcaster from dota 2 tournament and found marstv.

Then I found out that they always cast at huomao tv.

Btw it's just an idea. If it's just a few who watch this channel, It's ok if it's not possible to add this channel :)

I also will check douyutv if they stream live or not.

Thank you for your response btw

I don't know it popular iny country. but I believe most chinese game players (worldwide especially in China) prefer huomao than twitch.