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Here it is

is it ok if the language is in bahasa?

Or maybe can compare by picture 😬

Thanks for the response. I'll wait the great news from you


never heard of it lol.

But I think it's not popular as huomao since I got it from dota 2 directly.

Well I look the official chinese broadcaster from dota 2 tournament and found marstv.

Then I found out that they always cast at huomao tv.

Btw it's just an idea. If it's just a few who watch this channel, It's ok if it's not possible to add this channel :)

I also will check douyutv if they stream live or not.

Thank you for your response btw

I don't know it popular iny country. but I believe most chinese game players (worldwide especially in China) prefer huomao than twitch.

Thanks so much. Really appreciate it!