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Netflix channel

Davide Cipolla 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 3

Netflix channel with authentication to let Netflix subscribers enjoy content on non-smart tvs. Screen mirroring is a waste of bandwidth, power and mobile battery when the EZCast dongle could easily decode directly (at least SD). I'd pay 1$ extra to have a netflix channel on EZCast.


Por qué no puedo ver Netflix?

Claudio Cerda Zúñiga 2 years ago • updated by Zanack Sayks 2 years ago 3

necesito poder conectar a Netflix a mi TV



elcucca 1 year ago 0

Please, do something with Netflix :( I just bought a Mygica Powercast and after realized that I can't Netflix, just want to throw the window.



robertopinto76 11 months ago • updated by mikhail daneil 9 months ago 1
Under review

What do you like about EZChannel?

jameschen 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 3
Let's know so that we can make it even better.

quiero saber cuando se podra ver Netflix por EZ....

estebansosa1914 1 year ago 0

[2015-09-14] What's New?

jameschen 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0
  • Provide better user experience for Facebook users. We add videos from the Facebook pages you like if you connect your Facebook account to EZChannel.
  • Fix issue that some users can't see friend list.
  • Fix some minor issues
Under review

netflix ? youtube 'subscriptions newer video' ?

Melcx 2 years ago • updated by jameschen 2 years ago 1

Where is netflix ? And why there isn't the youtube 'subscriptions newer video' page ? I hope all of this will come soon


Net flis no youtube

Alinecristina 7 months ago • updated by Varga Tibi 7 months ago 1

good job

Ronald W Simard 2 years ago 0