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I didn't like the new version (Android)

lehneman 7 months ago • updated by Varga Tibi 7 months ago 4

I didn't like the new version because the app became a mere indexer for the real sites (ie. A video in YouTube didn't open in Ezchannel app, but it opens now in YouTube app. This blows up the concept of channels in Ezchannel... ). That's awful! :( 

Under review

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that we have to change to this way, since YouTube notices that EZChannel broke the terms of service. We will keep thinking to provide a better user experience and compliant to TOS of YouTube at the same time.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

Please,  don't take it to hard. :) It's because Ezchannel is a great app! And see it like this it is a shame! :( It's a shadow of that app! That's all. It's because we cheer for you, guys! 


Yeah, we feel sorry too. Thank you, pal.

Yes, unfortunately. Great poison! Ever since the new version has Google EZCast, since then it does not go to the youtube video does not spoil it. Other videos go like TV2 Hungary, etc. Just these videos are not. And I spent a lot of days with him. Because I have my channel, 500 videos, they can not be seen on TV. And other movies, music, technical presentations, etc. I really should, because it was just about youtube. But it does not go with another downloaded EZCast as app. Because there was a new HDD in my notebook, it was ruined. I bought the SSD Samsung, it was expensive, so it was super fast. But I've been struggling for weeks. You will not be able to play any video downloaded on your computer either. Always states that there is an initialization error. 0xc0150002. But only since then. So I can not even look at it after downloading. I was looking for a lot of the code of the error code in forums, but it has not been done yet. Vista is. But even so, many apps and tools, printers, etc. do not go with Vista either, you need to look for the driver programs if you have them. Win10 does not go up to this machine. If it were Win10, there would be nothing left to do, because unfortunately developers do not think so and win10 can not be loaded onto this machine.