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What happen with youtube ezchannel?

yerzhl 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 6

What happen with ezchannel these days?

I'm trying to add some videos to my playlist but it failed to "add video to ezchannel" playlist

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Thank you for your feedback.

Does the problem still exist? 

Would you please describe more about the issue, such as steps, the OS version, and so on?

Thanks for the concern.

I checked for add to playlist from ezchannel is working.

For problem I mentioned, it appears if add from web.

I'm using Android L and below is the complete step.

- Open web then go to youtube.com

- search for title/user

- Click and play one video

- Overlay play/pause etc buttons will appear including "add to playlist" button

- I click the "add to playlist" button

- It will go back to video page

- Few minutes later a message fail to add video to playlist appear (normally using this step will end successfully)

I prefer using web instead of ezchannel because on web I can sort from latest video.

Thanks for the info.
Do you refer to EZCast app or EZChannel app?
Would you please provide us the snapshot of it when the error occurs? Thank you.

EZCast app. Ok I will try, because it's difficult as the notification only appear for few seconds

Got it. No problem, if it's too trouble to capture the screen. Thanks.