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Manually add radio streaming

Mas Alvin 7 months ago • updated by jameschen 7 months ago 4


Thanks for the radio streaming feature in ezchannel. 

I think it will be great, if there is option to add online radio by ourself. So if we have favorites radio streaming that not in the list, we can added it manually.


Hi, I also made this request via email. 

In my case this is because old links are no longer working. 

So, from my point of view + 1000 votes !



Under review

Hi There,

If you can find the radio stream link(URL), you can try to add it to your "Inbox" (which can be found in the "Person" tab) and move it another "channel" which is bound to your EZCast device.


I have tried it in this way. I was able to add the link. 

I got 10005 error when I tried to play. The link is

 Any ideea how to solve it?




Hi Romeo,

It seems EZCast dongle can't play this format for now.

I have reported this issue and will let you know if there's any update.