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any update james? my wife asking me about how to load youtube cc. #hehe

Dunno, a few ago i tried again and the issue about live streaming still happened

but today, i tried again. and the time is solved. the youtube bind using ezcast and the actual live streaming using my laptop is same.


The issue about xiaomi has been solved, FYI

I've found the answer james.

I forgot to update the ezcast apps on my android. After I reinstall the apps using google apps strore, all function is back to normal again.

thx. sorry for the worry:)

Mine running smoothly. I'm using 10mbps wifi connection
Thanks. Hopefully that'll come soon.

In the mean time, I'm using add to channel for bookmarking favorite video
I think Gilsomer wanna say, is ezcast can provide apps that support kodi xmbc?

I've tried a tutorial that posted on ezcast forum, but that'll be nice if that can be done without 3rd party. Hehe.

Just kodi xmbc then send to ezcast
yes, I done that. but when I reproduce that on my xiaomi, nothing comes up
Is there anything todo to make youtube cc always showing when available?
James, I can do it with my tablet (lenovo a3300) whichis 7" large. But I can't do that with my xiaomi redmi 1s whichis 5" large.