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Moshe Adout 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 1

I cannot pair with tune tv

jameschen 1 year ago 0

EZChannel team is dedicated to make EZChannel even better. We are glad to introduce you couple of new features on EZChannel, which including Facebook sharing, Vimeo and iQIYI.

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Sergey K. 1 year ago • updated by jameschen 1 year ago 6

I have bought device "Brand New SDI to AV Music Radio Receiver iOS & Android Music WIFI HiFI Audio Receiver Support DLNA AirPlay Qplay" (WiFi audiobox)

I am experiencing problem with streaming to AirPlay from my MacBookPro andiPhone.

1/ When streaming from Macbook it plays no longer than 10 seconds. Then Macbook loses connect with this device

2/ If I stream from iPhone6s then it play no longer than 5-7minutes and then loses connection.

I have updated to latest firmware (it says no upgrade available).

How can I solve this annoying issue and just ""wifi my hifi" ?

jameschen 1 year ago

Regarding to device issue, please contact support@iezvu.com for further assistance.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ali Ali 8 months ago 0