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你好,感謝你的反饋。請問是用哪個App播放那個影片造成閃退呢?是iOS 還是Android的App呢?能夠的話請提供進一步的詳細資訊,我們能夠儘早找出並解決問題。

Hi, we are sorry that we currently don't support user to add site except video links.

Hi yerxhl,
Thanks for your feedback. We have recognized the issue and planed to resolve it in future release.

Please stay tune. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please kindly let us know if there's any further we can assist.

Hi, first off, thanks for your feedback.
Do you mean the permissions we asked during signing up with Google+ account?

We did have function to work with Google Drive in EZCast app.
However, I will pass along the message and try to refine the strategy to ask the permissions.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for your feedback. We will keep these in mind to make it better.

i Tibor Varga,

Thanks for your feedback. Would you please provide us following info:

- OS

- OS version

- App name

- App version


Hi Yerzhl, Thanks for your feedback. We will look into this. Thanks.

No problem, my pleasure.

Hi yerzhl,
We have identified this issue. Please stay tuned until we release another revision. Sorry for the inconvenience.