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Would you please provide us the steps to reproduce the problem you encountered ? So that we can try to reproduce it and try to solve it. Thanks and sorry for your inconvenience.
hi, would you please provide us some links to those live tv you talked about?
i guess you can create your own channel and add the link to that channel for now. Please let us know if it works for you. Thanks.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will improve it.
Thanks for your feedback and your feedback is more than welcome as always.
This issue is fixed and we will release next revision soon.
Thank you for your feedback.
Sorry for the problem, I have reported it to our engineering team. I'll keep you up to date.
Would you please provide us a link for an example
Thanks for your feedback. Would you please let us know which part of privacy you most concern?
Sorry to hear that. To disconnect YouTube account you need to go to googles settings. Please refer to for detail.

That would be very appreciated if you let us know why you'd like to disconnect YouTube from EZChannel so that we can improve our service.
Do you mean how to register device?
to register device just connect to your device via EZCast app and enter EZChannel and then EZChannel will guide you to register the device if the device wasn't registered before.