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Radio station is inside Browse Tab.
Would you please describe more about the problem you encountered. Sorry for your inconvenience.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you describe more about steps to reproduce this issue? And, what device, iOS or Android, were you using?
Sorry for the problem. Would you please tell me which Live TV site you were connecting to?
We are enhancing Radio and we are working on it.
Thanks for your feedback.
What's the version number of EZCast app?
Did you try to reboot the device by unplugging and replugging its power cable.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
As we find out, has been registered, and you can't use this email address to create another account. You can just login with it. Just in case you forgetting the password, you can visit to reset password.

Please let us know if you encounter further issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, again.
Would you please give us your email address so that we can follow up this issue for you? is that the same email you registered to UserEcho, one?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please connect to YouTube first to have YouTube menu to
EZCast currently supports subtitle. Do you use iOS device or Android device? We'd like to provide you the instructions accordingly.