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Hi Carl,

What did you try to log on with? EZCast? Would you please send us a screenshot of device while you try to log on?

Hi Romeo,

It seems EZCast dongle can't play this format for now.

I have reported this issue and will let you know if there's any update.

Got it. No problem, if it's too trouble to capture the screen. Thanks.

Thanks for the info.
Do you refer to EZCast app or EZChannel app?
Would you please provide us the snapshot of it when the error occurs? Thank you.

Can you try to disconnect from YouTube and then connect to YouTube from "Settings", which can be found in the "More" tab?

Thank you for your feedback.

Does the problem still exist? 

Would you please describe more about the issue, such as steps, the OS version, and so on?

Hi There,

If you can find the radio stream link(URL), you can try to add it to your "Inbox" (which can be found in the "Person" tab) and move it another "channel" which is bound to your EZCast device.

Hi sunitsaxena, Thank you for reaching us, again, :) Did you try mirroring your mobile device to EZCast Dongle?

Sorry it's really hard to tell. Hopefully, I'll let you know if we have any plan.

Thank you for your feedback. Currently, we do provide firefox plugin, yet. Sorry.